History of CampusAI

CampusAI operates under the name CampusAI Holding LLC internationally and CampusAI P.S.A. in Poland. We are a technology company specializing in AI, deeply rooted in the sphere of science. We are dedicated to creating advanced educational solutions. Our work includes our own software, impactful ai-driven projects and products developed in cooperation with local communities around the world.

The organization was founded in 2023 by Aureliusz Gorski, who brings 12 years of experience in building elements of the innovation ecosystem, and co-founded by Szymon Piekarz, an expert in technology solutions with 20 years of experience. Scientists prof. ALK Aleksandra Przegalinska and prof. Dariusz Jemielniak, each with over a decade of experience in researching collaborative AI trends, joined the team. Together, they developed the world's first generative platform, enabling anyone to step into the AI world. This platform facilitates the swift practical application of AI, nurturing a virtual District.

Since its inception, the organization has consistently shown profitability and global ambitions. In October 2023, the company released an alpha version of the platform which quickly gained substantial success in Poland, attracting nearly 1,000 clients in just the first month. Today, CampusAI is the fastest-growing AI community in Poland, propelled by a meaningful mission.

In March 2024, CampusAI received a $4M seed investment for team development and its initial entry into global markets.

If you share the same vision, mission, values, and want to contribute your time, talent, and ideas to this venture, consider applying for a role in our team. Let's change the world together.


We believe AI has the potential to unveil hidden abilities in everyone. Utilizing AI skills can ignite extraordinary creativity, innovation, and productivity, altering our lifestyles, learning processes, workspaces, and leisure activities positively. By establishing focal points for education in this field, we can have a positive impact on the world.

Mission & values

Artificial Intelligence, while being a remarkable breakthrough, brings with it a plethora of challenges. Our mission is more than spreading awareness about this revolution. We aim to democratize AI knowledge access, making it accessible irrespective of background. We emphasize teaching ethical AI use, equipping individuals with skills to navigate an AI-driven world responsibly.


By 2030, we aim to train three million early adopters in the ethical use of AI. We believe this will set a new standard for AI usage and inspire a billion people worldwide to engage in the AI age, fostering curiosity, innovation, and growth. Ultimately, we strive to create a proactive global community ready to address the challenges and opportunities of AI.

Unique Organization Culture

CampusAI is a tech startup offering a unique work environment.

We're in a dynamic growth stage and are seeking not just employees, but self-motivated individuals eager to shape our organization. If you want to be part of a future unicorn company, we're the place for you.


At CampusAI, we've created a virtual office using Apple's technology. Our team can work from the CIC Innovation Center in Warsaw or remotely. Our workspace uses collaborative metaverse spaces through the Apple Vision system. We provide Apple equipment and will include the upcoming Apple Vision Air spatial computer. We also give our team access to the latest AI tools for efficient work.

Best Salary + Bonus

At CampusAI, we offer B2B contracts that allow you to earn more than just a salary. You'll receive a competitive pay, along with additional bonuses for engagement and specific actions. After a favorable 360 review, your base salary will increase annually in recognition of your contributions to achieving the organization's KPIs.


Everyone has unique needs. Beyond standard benefits like paid time off, flexible office hours you have the opportunity to customize your own benefits package. This could include health insurance, flexible work hours, professional development opportunities, and wellness programs.


At CampusAI, a valued member like you can exercise and develop entrepreneurial skills in a supportive environment. Your role in our dynamic, high-energy team of successful leaders is crucial. You'll have the opportunity to contribute to, learn from, and build professional relationships within a team that values both individual growth and collective advancement.

Open Innovation

At thais point, we consider all employees as co-creators within the company. We provide leadership opportunities through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan. We don't just appreciate ideas - we actively invest in them, offering the required support to transform experiments into independent initiatives within our business ecosystem. These could potentially mature into CampusAI spin-offs.

Global impact

Join our team at CampusAI and be part of a global venture. With us, you can contribute to impactful AI-driven projects and make a real difference in the world of education and technology, reaching communities around the globe.

What we expect from candidates

Our candidates must meet these expectations to ensure excellent teamwork and output: